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The Friedman View

10 of Thomas Friedman’s Dumbest “Big Ideas” You know the world is flat — and hot and crowded — but that’s just the tip of Friedman’s iceberg of hackery.   In conferring the honor of “Wanker of the Decade” on New York Times foreign affairs columnist Thomas Friedman, blogger Duncan Black observed that “truly great more »


The Church And State As One…

Church & State Magazine / By Rob Boston Right-Wing Religion’s War on America Many in America’s Catholic leadership and on the evangelical right claim there’s a war on religion. In fact, they are waging a war on individual liberties. From a posh residence in the heart of New York City that has been described as more »


Let The Metamorphosis Begin!

Romney’s Etch A Sketch Campaign Begins By Jonathan Chait   Two constituencies that President Obama is holding onto about as strongly now as he did four years ago are voters under 30 and Latinos. In what is probably not a coincidence, these two constituencies are the targets for the first two major Mitt Romney Etch A Sketch more »



Status Update By Anonymous This might enlighten a few people about who we truly are and our roots… 1. Anonymous is an idea, the people who fly under our banner form the collective 2. The idea is that there are no repercussions when you have no identity 3. Regardless of what the Pualtards and newfags more »

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