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The Black President Can’t Speak On Black

Racism in America: President Obama’s Double-Bind on Trayvon Martin When the president took a question on the Trayvon Martin case yesterday, he responded carefully:   President Obama did not mention race even as he addressed it on Friday, instead letting his person and his words say it all: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” more »


Gambling Big $ Against America?

A Single Hedge-Fund Hustler Makes More Than 85,000 Teachers: Why Are Our Priorities So Messed Up? By Les Leopold This obscene distribution of income is what we get for failing to rein in Wall Street. Why is America’s distribution of income so colossally obscene? You have only to look at Forbes most recent listing of the top 40 hedge more »


The Kennedy In Romney

By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG   BOSTON — When Gov. Mitt Romney signed legislation in April 2006 requiring most Massachusetts residents to have health coverage, Senator Edward M. Kennedy stood by his side, beaming like a proud father. They were onstage at historic Faneuil Hall in Boston, a setting that had a special resonance for the more »

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