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To What Christian Doctrine Shall This Nation March To?

Why The Separation Of Church And State Must Be Absolute! By Silence Dogood   Consider this, an international organization infiltrating our public school system, passing out literature of indoctrination, encouraging members to ridicule other children for not following promoted beliefs, this organization typically pays no rent for the use of the facilities, takes advantage of tax more »


sIgn$ 0F CR@sy T1m3$

Signs Of Crazy Times Michael Snyder   Do you think that you are free?  Most Americans would still probably answer “yes” to that question, but is that really the case? In the film Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson stated that “everything is illegal in Massachusetts”.  Well, the same could pretty much be said for the United States more »


Biting Off More Than He Could Chew

Tipping Point: GOPers Start To Turn On Rush Limbaugh   EVAN MCMORRIS-SANTORO     Looks like Republicans aren’t going to stick by Rush Limbaugh this time. Despite the dangers they’ve faced in the past when criticizing the giant of conservative talk radio, high-profile Republicans are going on the record disavowing Limbaugh’s attack on a Georgetown more »


Fiscally Conservative My A**!

Four Fiscal Phonies By PAUL KRUGMAN   Mitt Romney is very concerned about budget deficits. Or at least that’s what he says; he likes to warn that President Obama’s deficits are leading us toward a “Greece-style collapse.” So why is Mr. Romney offering a budget proposal that would lead to much larger debt and deficits than more »

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