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United States Of America: The Player$ Club!

Thomas Frank: How Americans Have Gotten Played — Over and Over and Over Again In the 12 hapless years of this millennium, we have looked on as 3 great bubbles have inflated and burst, each with consequences more dire than the last. The following article is an excerpt of a piece that first appeared in The more »


Just Love Our President!

Ron Paul Supporter Wants To ‘Assassinate The F***ing N****r And His Monkey Children’ By Wendy Gittleson   Jules Manson is a former candidate for the Carson, California city council, a Ron Paul supporter and a Facebook user. He recently called for the assassination of the President and his two daughter, with a Facebook post ending in more »


Science And Reality

Diagnosing the Republican Brain —By Chris Mooney Fact: Conservatives deny science and facts. But there’s a reality check that liberals need too.   We all know that many American conservatives have issues with Charles Darwin, and the theory of evolution. But Albert Einstein, and the theory of relativity? If you’re surprised, allow me to introduce Conservapedia, the more »


Change Is Not Always For The Good

5 Ways Virginia May Be the Worst State in the Nation It isn’t known for being a bastion of liberalism, but even for a ‘purplish’ state, Virginia has taken extraordinarily conservative actions recently.   Reading the news these days is like going through a time warp. States across the country are racing toward the past. more »


Can We Stand Up For America?

Conservative Bullying Has Made America Into a Broken, Dysfunctional Family: But There Are Ways to Regain Our Well-Being  By Sara Robinson   An abusive, out-of-control, rageaholic GOP broke our country by shattering our trust in democracy and in ourselves. A marriage counselor friend once told me that he almost always knows by the end of the very more »


What Really Went Down?

Trayvon Martin: The 5 Key Unanswered Questions By Judd Legum    Trayvon Martin, as he appeared on his actual Facebook page It’s been more than a month since Trayvon Martin was shot dead by George Zimmerman. (Get a full rundown of the facts of the case here.)   Tonight, ABC News release video footage of Zimmerman more »

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