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What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt?

Republicans are anti-women, anti-sex, and anti-contraception. And they proved it again in Utah, where the GOP dominated legislature passed a bill which would effectively ban schools from teaching contraception and birth control in sex education courses. According to The Salt Lake Tribune: “The House passed HB363 by a 45-28 vote after a late-afternoon debate that more »


Citizens and Corporations Not United As One

6 Pathetic Right-Wing Attempts to Defend the Indefensible Citizens United (Debunked)   Imagine this: in a week when the latest presidential campaign finance reports reveal a growing list of million-dollar donors to super PACs, right-wing bloggers and Republican lawyers are defending the Supreme Court’s controversial 2010 Citizens United decisions as maligned by media and of more »


Death And Celebrities

  ‎”Dear Wendy, This past weekend was a very difficult time for so many of us. Though I never knew Whitney Houston, I felt a profound sense of loss and sadness. On Sunday morning I took my dog for a walk in the park across the street and still could not shake the sadness I more »

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