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What We Should Do

9 Kick-Ass Things Obama Should Do In a Second Term The chances are rising for an Obama second term. But what do we really want him to do? February 17, 2012  |   Lady Luck may be smiling once again upon President Obama. The unemployment rate is coming down from post-WWII highs, the Grand Old more »


Pundits Live In Glass Houses With Stone Collections

Why Right-Wingers (and Media Hacks) Are Totally Wrong About What Americans Believe — We’re Becoming Less, Not More, Conservative Americans’ views on the most pressing issues of the day are actually solidly progressive, so why do the media keep getting the story wrong?   Despite some misguided triumphalism on the Right, America is not getting more »


Quit Yer B…. Man!

Everybody on Wall Street is talking about the new piece by New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, entitled “The End of Wall Street as They Knew It.” The article argues that Barack Obama killed everything that was joyful about the banking industry through his suffocating Dodd-Frank reform bill, which forced banks to strip themselves of “the pistons that powered more »

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