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Romney: I Can’t Get No Respect!

Mitt Romney’s Thirst By CHARLES M. BLOW   Thirsty. When I was younger, that’s what we used to call people who were so wantonly driven to get something that they would do anything, no matter how desperate and unseemly they looked in the doing. So that’s the only word that I can think of for Mitt more »


GOP: Madness Has Stormed Us

Iowa House Republican Introduces Bill To Ban Abortion, Even in Cases Of Rape. By Stephen D. Foster Jr.   Merely a day after the Virginia Legislature passed two anti-abortion bills, Iowa House Republicans decided to do the same on Wednesday. Introduced by Republican State Rep. Kim Pearson, House File 2298 outlaws abortion entirely, even in cases more »


Conservativism Is Code For Klan AKA Rethugliklan

1. Congress enjoys a Constitutional authority to provide social services. The first and foremost power the Constitution grants Congress is the right to “collect taxes…to provide for common defense and general welfare” of the nation. Michele Bachmann and other radical Republicans ignore this Constitutional imperative in their quest to dismantle all federal initiatives that aren’t more »

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