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Screwed Again?

A bad deal Wall Street banks fraudulently and illegally foreclose on your house. You get $2,000. The bank gets let off the hook. We’d call that a bad deal. And yet yesterday, at the urging of the White House, federal regulators along with 49 state attorneys general announced a settlement deal for mortgage servicer abuse more »


Middle East? We Have Our Own Issues, Thank You!

Right-Wing Continues To Deny Right-Wing Terrorism By Justin “Filthy Liberal Scum” Rosario To hear Fox News, AM radio and the GOP speak of it, you would not think there is a problem with domestic terrorism in this country. Rather, you would be convinced that all terrorism is Islamic in nature and targeted only at our FREEDOM. more »


GOP: We Hate And We Get Together To Hate

‘Rachel Maddow Should Have Never Been Born’ Says Cal ThomasBy Stephen D. Foster Jr. Ah, CPAC. That place where conservatives gather every year to hate on liberals and share their agenda to destroy the country. Can’t you just feel the hate, sexism, and ignorance? On Thursday, After being shown a clip of Maddow criticizing the Republican more »


SORRY; But, We’re Not Sorry Anymore We Were Sorry…

Vatican TAKES BACK 10-year-old Apology to Sexual Abuse Victims of Catholic Priests BY KEVIN FARRELL Cardinal Edward Egan probably shouldn’t have brought a sex toy to an interview about Catholic sex crimes, but to each their own… The former Archbishop of New York, now Cardinal Edward M. Egan is one of the highest ranking members of the more »

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