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420 101

1.  Marijuana is not a gateway drug. “It’s a gateway drug” is an argument that anti-pot people often use when they run out of false health concerns, as if marijuana’s relative harmlessness is void because getting stoned will automatically turn people on to heroin. But the truth is that marijuana is not a gateway drug, more »


As The World’s Badass, Competing Against Ourselves

New Strategy, Old Pentagon Budget The $259 billion in budget cuts over the next five years announced by the Pentagon may sound like a lot. But they are mainly a scaling back of previously projected spending — the delights of the Washington budget games.   This year, Pentagon spending will total $531 billion. In 2017, more »


Hate Still Lives Here!

By Marion   Racism is alive and well in the United States of America. Jan Brewer was more than happy to demonstrate this as she greeted the President on his recent visit, a visit which has been captured for immortality by an infamous picture:   Taken on face value, this shows the governor of a more »


Citizens United vs. The World!

Corporations Have No Use for Borders By Chris Hedges   What happened to Canada? It used to be the country we would flee to if life in the United States became unpalatable. No nuclear weapons. No huge military-industrial complex. Universal health care. Funding for the arts. A good record on the environment. But that was the more »

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