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Once An Asshole, Always…

Gingrich has been a jerk for years. (Chris Keane/Reuters) Reason number something-or-other why the Vietnam-war-era multiple-deferment-getting chickenhawk Newt Gingrich is a pompous ass: Ultimately, though, it wasn’t an issue of eligibility—Gingrich could have tried to enlist, draft or no—but of will. “Given everything I believe in, a large part of me thinks I should have more »


Please Go Ahead And Disrespect The First Lady

Kansas continues to beg the question: “What’s the matter with Kansas?” Late last week, KansasSpeaker of the House, Mike O’Neil, “apologized” for forwarding a pair of emails that, in turn, calledfor the death of President Obama and then referred to the First Lady as “YoMoma.” The first email makes a reference to Psalm 109:8 and part of it reads: “At more »


Keeping It In The Family: Chaos!

 NICK R. MARTIN   In a small trailer park in Catoosa, Okla., in 2005, an aging white supremacist made a startling claim to a woman he had met only earlier that day. He told her he was a serial bomber. According to federal court records, Dennis Mahon, was thumbing through an album of old pictures more »


Just How Does One Handle A Black President?

Daley’s Demotion: How Washington Elites Got Obama Wrong By Jonathan Chait     Bill Daley. Hiring Bill Daley as chief of staff may not have been the biggest mistake of President Obama’s first term, but it was surely the most obvious one. Now he appears to be reversing it. The official line is that Daley is more »

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