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Tea Party Madness…

How Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories May Pose a Genuine Threat to Humanity Tea Partiers, freaking out about “Agenda 21″ and convinced global warming isn’t real, are gumming up the works for those trying to save the planet. The paranoia infecting a broad swath of the American right-wing can be comical at times — think about Orly more »


True Colors Shining Through!

Forget all the “fighting the good fight” bravado from the Speaker of the House.  Forget all the denials from congressional Republicans that they caved on their principles to “do the right thing.”  Forget all of it.  This was the political equivalent of the Alamo.  In the end this was as humiliating a defeat as this more »


Hey Jeb: You Next?

2008: George W. Bush is the term-limited president. 2004: George W. Bush is the incumbent president, winning re-election. 2000: George W. Bush is elected to the presidency, though losing the national popular vote. 1996: George W. Bush is the governor of Texas. 1992: George H.W. Bush is the incumbent president, but loses re-election. 1988: George H.W. Bush is elected to the more »


What Happened To Customer Service?

As my Christmas gift to the One Percent, here’s a suggestion: Take back some of those millions in executive compensation and invest them in real customer service. In the spirit of the season, I’d like to file a complaint – about complaints. Corporate America just doesn’t handle them the way they used to. As in, more »

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