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Hypocrisy 101 For 2012

By Chad Henderson They don’t have much of a choice. The Republican Party have two options to go up against President Obama: Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. When the Republican voters go out to the polls at the beginning of the year the majority of them will vote for a person who has a background that more »


Lock Them Up And Throw Away The Key Here At Home!

  Did Congress Just Endorse Rendition for Americans? You’ve heard about indefinite detention in the defense bill. But it also contains some eyebrow-raising language regarding the transfer of terrorist suspects to foreign countries. —By Nick Baumann   A defense spending bill that passed both houses of Congress overwhelmingly and is set to be signed by President more »


Reversing US Power And Fortune$

Grover Norquist’s Real Game: Shifting Power and Wealth to the 1 Percent   Norquist’s real mission has been government that serves corporate America. Grover Norquist is fast becoming the man everyone loves to hate –  except  those who  fear him.  Norquist, the leader of Americans for Tax Reform, is both the architect and enforcer of more »

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