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An Inconvenient Truth

Inconvenient Income Inequality By CHARLES M. BLOW     Is income inequality becoming the new global warming? In other words, is this another case where the facts of an existential threat lose traction among a weary American public as deniers attempt to reduce them to partisan opinions? It’s beginning to seem so. A Gallup poll released more »


A Bad Bill Goes To The White House

The NDAA Is A Horrible Bill, And Why Obama Is Going To Sign It By Wendy Gittleson   I wish I could feel good about the National Defense Authorization Act which is heading to the President’s desk. I can’t. On the other hand, there is a whole lot of hyperbole swirling around the internet, even from more »


Mr. Speaker: A Genius You Are Not!

Been There, Thought That By Eugene Robinson   Can we please bury the notion that Newt Gingrich is some kind of deep thinker? His intellect may be as broad as the sea, but it’s about as deep as a birdbath. I’m not saying the Republican presidential front-runner is unacquainted with ideas. Quite the contrary: Ideas rain through more »


JoePa Knew There Monster In His House

Paterno ‘knew inappropriate action was taken by Jerry Sandusky with a youngster’ in 2002 By Matt Hinton What did Joe Paterno know, and when did he know it?Today, we have some answers to the crucial question from the coach’s mouth after Paterno’s testimony from earlier this year — in which the now-former Penn State icon more »

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