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Oil and Republican has been bad for the Gulf

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This is the Republican sponsored, bipartisan supported/passed legislation that allowed for a foreign owned company (BP), to put into production a unsafe Oil Producing Platform in United States waters and causing catastrophic environmental damage and 11 cases of homicide, and other charges which should be brought to bear as evidence will permit. Where are the Birthers and Tea Party Libertarians who want foreigners and government when you need them? You guys still think we should allow all businesses the freedom to cause the damage done by this foreign corporation in our waters?

The U.S. Congress Votes Database

109th Congress / House / 1st session / Vote 445

  • Question: On Agreeing to the Conference Report
  • Bill:H R 6
  • Vote description: Energy Policy Act of 2005
  • Vote type: Yea-and-Nay (Help)
    A standard vote that requires a simple majority for approval or passage of the legislation.
  • Result: Passed, 275-156, with 3 not voting.
  • Date/time: July 28, 2005, 1:10 p.m.
  • Republican majority opinion: Yes (Help)
    The position of more than 50 percent of voting Republicans. “None” means an equal split between “Yes” and “No.”
  • Democrat majority opinion: No (Help)
    The position of more than 50 percent of voting Democrats. “None” means an equal split between “Yes” and “No.”

Key Vote Analysis

The Bush administration said this bill’s $14.5 billion in tax breaks and incentives would spur oil and gas companies to find innovative ways to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, conserve resources and reduce pollution. Supporters also said the bill would lead to the creation of more oil refineries, new oil drilling projects and new nuclear power plants — arguing that all were necessary to meet the nation’s energy needs and reduce importation of foreign oil.

Opponents said the measure amounted to a give-away to large energy companies already flush with cash due to rising oil and gas prices and that it would do little to solve the nation’s energy-related problems. Opponents further argued that the bill could lead to drilling in coastal and other sensitive areas and damage the environment.

The bill called for increase use of alternative fuels such as ethanol and offered incentives for development of alternative energy sources (such as wind and solar), tax breaks for hybrid cars, construction of more energy efficient buildings. The bill did not include the controversial proposal to open Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for oil drilling, but the proposal was added to a later bill, which was defeated.

The final version of the energy bill passed both the House and Senate in late July 2005 and was signed into law by the president on August 8, 2005.

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Written by agentleman

May 30th, 2010 at 8:14 am

Oil and Waterloo?

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The disaster in the Gulf, an example of the Bush/Cheney energy plans at work.

A Black man is in charge at the White House. In reality that means at any particular time there will be a White Man in some perceived position of power and/or authority, though not matching the title or authority of position of the Presidency of these United States, thinking he has the authority to be upset with something the current President has or hasn’t done to point of publically chastising him for said perceived short comings. That happened today on the “Good Morning America Show”, when James Carville was being interviewed. The venom pulsing through this mans being that a Black Man, with the gall to be in charge not to be moving at the pace he expected him to be at or emotionally involved in was amazing to watch. The election of President Barack Obama has been a phenomenal experience as it has exposed just how deep seeded the prejudice against Blacks even amongst our supposed ardent supporters in America is.  He was yelling at him with such disrespect and disdain, if this was the first time watching this man, there would be no way I’d believe he was a Democrat. I am not implying he said anything in particular as much as his tone and facial expression during the tirade on national television. I am embarrassed for him, if he felt or feels no shame in himself. As much I screamed about some of the decisions the ‘Decider’ made, I never disrespected him in such a manner, as he was still my President, hell or high water, period!

Carville is a local resident of an area of the country long suffering from the “Storm of the Century” in hurricane ‘Katrina’, New Orleans. He has a house there and naturally wants to protect that neck of the woods from another catastrophic storm like in ’05 and that is understandable. That is his home. This is in a place where people have with full knowledge and forethought come to the conclusion it was a good place to build a major town and transportation hub. The range of the depth of New Orleans is from 5 feet below to 17 feet above sea level. Katrina’s storm surge was 27.8 feet above sea level in 2005. This hurricane has for a variety of reasons displaced many minorities from the area without the resources to return when evacuated from the city after the storm and finally reaching those at the Dome. I heard stories about average blacks from the parts of town worst in New Orleans unable to receive help in restoring homes or returning back from parts they were bused to while the town was underwater. I don’t ever remember Mr. Carville taking up the cause of all those displaced middle class and poor folks unable to return to their place of birth or origin as a family, black or white. Why didn’t he complain about not obtaining funds from the stimulus package to assist in that cause for one of the local earmark projects? Maybe Jindal would’ve accept the funds under those terms. Not one word, Carville one who wants to maintain the natural beauty that is truly beautiful New Orleans, except it seems with less folks that are not very well off like mostly people of color and single mothers or something. Most gerrymandering is inflicted by members of both houses seeking to gain an edge at all times in elections depending on the lay of the land to date in any particular time in any particular region of the country. The state of utter helplessness by my Black People down there that was exhibited during that national disaster of ‘Mother Nature’ contributed to the event as none had ever before in my experience as an adult.

I agree with Carville and many others that is experience with this oil spill is a major natural disaster of epic proportions of which we may only begin to understand the damage we have done with allowing this type of well to be drilled by a foreign company in the first place. He is hollering and screaming at the Black President of these United States of America and not one iota of disrespect for the leaders and CEO’s of companies seeking to obtain resources in our backyard for profit and manipulation of the market from a foreign country claiming to be an ally while using every single method in their means to skirt safety measures in order to boost their bottom line. I know Carville has been around a long time and is well connected. Why wasn’t he hollering and screaming to his friends in power about a foreign company putting up rigs near such a fragile eco system near by in the hometown he loves so much. How come this well-connected person of political will and knowledge wasn’t aware that a foreign power had invaded America to reap profit from our resources in his own back yard. The Cheney Energy Commission was put together under his man’s Clinton Administration as representatives of those seeking more offshore drilling permits under less regulatory scrutiny. Besides the oil sitting in Iraq for the snatching, this was another of the deals Cheney and Halliburton was involved in. The deal was sealed with the election of the Bush/Cheney ticket and the help of the Supreme Court. No Carville bitching about the dangers and ills of offshore drilling as it has to be done at such high pressure and very deep levels in order to reach the oil. The Canadians require most sophisticated process for the very same procedure, as this situation indicated, safety requires a relief well be drilled at precisely the same time as the main well is being done. If this area was so sacred to Mr. Carville and is so important to him, why didn’t you holler and scream about that when you found out that rig was going up without proper MMS protocol being followed. If you are such the Democrat you profess to be, that kind of information about the previous administration cutting corners after such a devastating event like ‘Katrina’ would have gotten you all kinds of props as a media personality.

A person in your position connected to be in the know should have been using his influence with the Clintons when they were in power for the levies to get upgraded, the rigs inspected above and beyond requirements and worst case. Where was all the holler during all that time Mr. Carville? Where? But a Black gets in there, by golly he’d better get his ass down here when I say so lickety spilt! Candidate for Senator for the State of Kentucky has another White in some perceived position of authority enough as he is a doctor of dental medicine and son of the famed Libertarian Congressman; Ron Paul, Rand Paul. The Candidate had problem with the way the President implied he was going to put his boot heel on the throat of the CEO of the British Petroleum Oil Company. This man being part of a belief by many American White Men that our present head of State has shown improper protocol by going around the world and apologizing for past deeds of this county has a problem with that same leader showing anger or any form of verbal aggression toward the head of a foreign corporation responsible for the worst industrial disaster in the history of the world to date. Please oh please tell me how in all the open minds of the world can this be anything but a problem with the Black Man?

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Written by agentleman

May 29th, 2010 at 7:42 am

Ask not what Rand Paul can do for the GOP!

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The Tea Party Movement election victory has turned up the heat on the platform of the GOP!

This latest win has put a microscopic examination of Republican Party leaders positions on a whole list of issues when it comes to race long since thought to be dead. Simultaneously, and just as important, this historic opportunity to examine more closely our modern day leaders real beliefs when it comes to race didn’t happen through a mainstream outlet, but a novice to television by way of NPR, ‘Rachel Maddow’.  Recent primary win in the lone star state of Texas by the son of a famed libertarian; Ron Paul, won his primary and is now a Tea Party Movement endorsed Republican Party Nominee for the position of United States Senator. He had announced his candidacy on her show and now was returning to celebrate his victory and kick-off his campaign against his democratic rival for that open Senate seat. Upon his winning of the primary election actually burying a much more well known establishment party ‘favorite’ endorsed by Mitch McConnell, he said these words and they sent a shiver through me that very moment, “We have to take our country back!”  My response was, from whom?

I served in the United States Army and was overseas in what was then West Germany. I came back from being stationed overseas in late ’85. Other than a couple of trips up to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, I haven’t left the country. I don’t recall America being invaded. Personally, I’d say the closest we have come to any kind of dictatorship was under the last President, Bush. I can understand the follow up question of who was the dictator at what time between him and the former Vice President Cheney. We are recovering from the worst financial disaster since the depression with a lot of issues still to be resolved. We lost more jobs under Bush’s watch than any other President ever, His administration’s failure to deal with Katrina in any shape or matter was demoralizing to the whole country, not just Blacks. His juvenile reaction to 9/11 was just to get this country involved in two wars. During this time of national duress, he cuts the taxes of the most prosperous in this country at the most worst time on the backs of those who could least afford it, the middle class. That was not enough for the most proficient of seemingly incompetent people; he has never acknowledged any of his misadventures. Normally this is where I would be able to say; I digress, alas, I cannot, he left all of this for the new President.

The present day President Barack Obama was freely elected to the office by an overwhelming majority in a campaign against some very well known and connected mainstream party opponents here in America.  Resistance is futile! There is a Black Man in the White House and America now has been invaded by some otherwise unidentified foreign entity. When drawing of the Articles of Confederation in these country beginnings the subject of slavery and voting came up, it was suggested that slaves count as 3/5 human as they were not originally from here and didn’t deserve full rights as person born here or a naturalized citizen, they were considered to be property as a cow but more so as labor requiring knowledge to perform duties, but never equal to the White Man. Although the 13th Amendment abolished the legally of slavery in this country, it did nothing to address to perception that we Blacks as citizens had less value than that of our White counterparts. As Rand Paul points out many of the perceptions associated with the mindset and time period are seriously held opinions and beliefs today.  That means there a significant percent of White people in this country who find it to be an abomination that Barack Obama is President at all. They see it as being a blasphemous that a being having been declared less than human has the audacity to be in that position as a representative of our country to the world making decisions claimed to be in the best interest of the country and having no right on god’s green earth to be doing so.

In their America all disputes pertaining to and addressing the treatment of individuals by any particular private enterprise should be dealt with locally and not interfered with by the United States government. This is the America desired by the Tea Party Movement (Klan), the GOP and those White males feeling they have gotten the short end of the stick with that whole Civil Rights thingy cause their folks weren’t here when all that slavery madness was going on. They believe that a privately owned business or corporation should have the right to decide they don’t want to serve a particular group of people for any reason they want as that decision is an expression of who they are and what they believe in and is protected by the 4th Amendment to the Constitution and the protection of free speech. Paul says it is wrong that the United States government forces business not to discriminate if the business is open to the public. The Republican Party has embraced this new Tea Party movement as an expression of the angry conservative wing of the party tired of financial irresponsibility of a generation of both parties. This may or may not be the case, one thing is; they have made prime time with the Rand Paul win in the race for Senator of the good State of Kentucky more so than with the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts. They have made a major platform statement with the suggestion of repealing the civil rights act of 1965. Is this now the position of the GOP? This is the mindset that allows that this current state of affairs in our country is such that threats of marching on Washington armed and dangerous is so prevalent these days as this is not a full citizen of this land and therefore not legally allowed to hold the office of the Presidency and so there is not a legitimate government in place and should be brought down in some manner or other. That would be the ‘Patriotic’ thing to do!

So now that that is all out in the open and the world knows how the America of modern times really wants to exist as a country today as the Tea Party Movement claim to be the real voice of America today. What does the established members of the Republican Party who have been encouraging this passion, fire and frustration demonstrated in town halls and rallies around America want us to believe about the desire to abolish social security, repeal the civil rights act, and allow total freedom to all corporations and businesses across the country. No government interference of any kind, no OSHA, no FDA, no FDIC to protect your bank accounts, no EPA to protect the way food is produced and delivered to you, if a company doesn’t decide they want to do business with whatever group you belong to they have issues with.  No government means any business owner as an expression of who they truly are can decide to post a notice to the public that they are choosing not to do business with any particular group of people of which to you may belong. That this even being spoken of in the public forum, as a possibility today in 2010 is such a slap in the face of all of those good Americans who fought so hard for equality and died for it.

My concern is that this rises to a boil and someone get hurt or and a major catastrophic incident that marks this nation in a bad way. United States is at fault for the Congress sat on the immigration issue and resources are getting thin and people are getting scared. Deflection of the issues has been going on in Washington for so long by both parties and everyone is fed up. Tea Party Movement has stepped up and become the squeaky wheel making all kinds of noise, some which has not been heard in some time and not likely to go away. This thanks to a very open and rather candid interview with candidate Rand Paul had on the “Rachel Maddow Show” after winning the primary earlier in the week. Since, the rest of the media elite seeking not to be outdone again by her went after the rest of the leadership of the Republican Party. Abject fear was the facial expression of the day; it seems not many of the mainstream leadership were aware of some of the more provocative positions of the ‘Libertarian’ mindset. Cantor, Boehner, McConnell have all been able to maintain a lockstep approach to the Party position up until this point. Claims by a major movement within the Republican Party to repeal various legal Amendments to the Constitution addressing Civil Rights in this country is not a position that will be negotiated away with this belief in your heart. The Republican Party previously known as the GOP will now have to declare or deny a strict preference for Tea!

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Written by agentleman

May 23rd, 2010 at 9:51 am

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