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Oil and Republican has been bad for the Gulf

This is the Republican sponsored, bipartisan supported/passed legislation that allowed for a foreign owned company (BP), to put into production a unsafe Oil Producing Platform in United States waters and causing catastrophic environmental damage and 11 cases of homicide, and other charges which should be brought to bear as evidence will permit.


Oil and Waterloo?

Where was all the holler during all that time Mr. Carville? Where? But a Black gets in there, by golly he’d better get his ass down here when I say so lickety spilt! Candidate for Senator for the State of Kentucky has another White in some perceived position of authority enough as he is a doctor of dental medicine and son of the famed Libertarian Congressman; Ron Paul, Rand Paul. The Candidate had problem with the way the President implied he was going to put his boot heel on the throat of the CEO of the British Petroleum Oil Company. This man being part of a belief by many American White Men that our present head of State has shown improper protocol by going around the world and apologizing for past deeds of this county has a problem with that same leader showing anger or any form of verbal aggression toward the head of a foreign corporation responsible for the worst industrial disaster in the history of the world to date. Please oh please tell me how in all the open minds of the world can this be anything but a problem with the Black Man?


Ask not what Rand Paul can do for the GOP!

Claims by a major movement within the Republican Party to repeal various legal Amendments to the Constitution addressing Civil Rights in this country is not a position that will be negotiated away with this belief in your heart. The Republican Party previously known as the GOP will now have to declare or deny a strict preference for Tea!

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